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Bespoke Design Stories

josanne mark custom made diamond ring HY



A custom created gold and diamond ring in celebration of the couple's 35th wedding anniversary.

Defining moments like these, deserve to be recognized with an equally defining gift.

Joanna's ring boasts an exceptional pear shaped diamond, cuddled by 35 champagne diamonds which each represent a toast to every year of marriage.

HY1A0025 lg.jpg
HY1A0016 lg_edited.jpg

A 3.5 decade long love story, is immortalized in a luxurious symbol of a beautiful journey!

more than a ring revised render Joey.jpg

As with all our custom-made engagement rings, Joanna's ring was designed with the use of advanced computer aided design (CAD) technology.

Digital drawing

360 degree view


Andrew and Edo

Custom made men's wedding band by Josann

Custom created men's wedding band in Platinum Silver with heirloom Diamonds and princess cut Moissanites.

This piece is a  truly nontraditional wedding band design and It is also made from a unique alloy of Platinum and Silver. Dense, scratch resistant, tarnish proof and highly reflective, it is a beautiful alternative to white gold.

A one of a kind ring for a love that is one of a kind!

Forest cuff..jpg

Andrew was drawn to the organic texture and shape of our Forest Cuff and he envisioned a wedding band that mimicked this bracelet.

Our forest cuff bracelet

The ring was designed to incorporate two of Andrew's own diamonds from an old ring and two princess cut Moissanite gems.



Jeron and Gina

A modern yet rustic alternative to traditional white diamonds, this custom designed two-piece set features a pear shaped salt and pepper center diamond surrounded by grey and white diamonds, set in 14K Gold with a special hidden detail.


"The Difference is in the Design, the Luxury is in the Detail"

Each custom piece is built using cutting edge computer aided design (CAD) technology which guarantees a precise and flawless design.

josanne mark custom designed engagement

Digital rendering

custom alternative bridal ring by josann

Hidden on the inside of Gina's rings is her fiance's fingerprint.


A detail that says "I am forever with you"  and one that is symbolic of holding hands with her loved one.


The center stone

A key element of our custom design service is working closely with our clients to ensure that the design is a perfect representation of the person who will wear the jewelry. Jeron selected this particular center stone for his bride to be, because of it's unique character and almost hypnotic glow.


" Thank you for translating your gift into my dreams come true. To create for a stranger through the eyes of their loved one, speaks to a truly authentic, detailed consultation; expertise which deserves grand accolades"


360 degree view


Josanne mark custom made engagement ring

Jade and Keri 

Custom-made White Gold and Diamond engagement ring with secret design details.

Keri always dreamed of a modern white gold engagement ring with a near flawless princess cut Diamond.

"Your engagement ring is significant symbol of devotion and we think that no two should be alike"


Tucked beneath her center stone is a fine quality, princess cut Yellow Topaz gemstone that touches her skin when the ring is worn.

With Keri's birthstone being Diamond and her fiance's birthstone being Yellow Topaz, we designed her ring to combine them both, as a forever reminder of their togetherness.

360 degree view

" I must say  your dedication to your work is inspiring. I am very happy with this purchase and the interaction with you. 10 out of 10 would recommend :) "

Mike M Gittens



Custom-made Sterling Silver and Swarovski crystal shoulder duster earrings

Josanne Mark custom diamond engagement r

"There is no other love like Yours and it should be the same for your engagement ring"

Josanne Mark

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