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Josanne Mark designer


Josanne Mark

 graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in Manhattan in 2011 Summa Cum Laude with the degree in Jewelry Design but the degree was not the start of her success, merely a step along the road.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Josanne is a South girl, from the industrial, oil producing area of Fyzabad. While studying at the University of the West Indies where she pursued her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Josanne’s passion for design and beautiful things incited her to create jewelry which she sold to her fellow students and to a number of souvenir shops in Trinidad’s capital.

After graduating from University, she pursued her passion full time and was recognized as a top youth entrepreneur in the National Youth Awards of 2008. Her first jewelry line as a full-time designer was accepted by a leading luxury retailer in Trinidad and Tobago; a feat which opened doors for other local designers. Her collections have been showcased at several select events throughout Trinidad and in New York where she participated in the prestigious Grand Central Holiday exhibition. Her work was also showcased at Studio 66 Art Gallery in Upstate New York and in many online exhibitions including the esteemed Ganoskin Project, one of the oldest online jewelry resources. Josanne is an active member of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America Association and continues to develop her knowledge base in her pursuit of her passion.


Design Philosophy and Inspiration.

Josanne’s philosophy hinges on jewelry as an art form that can evoke moods, inspire opinions or produce reactions. Reflected in many of her creations, is the harmonizing of organic and geometric elements. As a designer and metalsmith, she respects the age-old craft by maintaining traditional handcrafting techniques while imposing her unique perspective. Spawned from this, is a collection of wearable artwork. As she puts it, “My goal in all of my creations is to inspire confidence in the person who wears them. My customers should feel embellished and distinguished whether they want to be noticed and talked about or, prefer to emit an understated air of sophistication”.


 As an artist, she is inspired by two things, the tangibles that we encounter in everyday living and the intangibles that we feel and visualize but cannot touch or see. She says, “Anything and everything can be of inspiration to me; all objects, manmade or natural! All surfaces and textures! Every human emotion! Each facet of the human experience ignites my curiosity and fuels my creative pursuits. There is also a source of inspiration that lives in my head, one that comes from within, from my soul, from God”. Her rather panoptic point of view lends to her diverse design style that is both engaging and unpredictable while staying true to her use of bold textures.


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