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Our Bespoke Jewelry Process


is more than just a custom piece; it is a reflection of each client's individuality and style. Each piece is designed to meet your unique specifications and preferences, ensuring that it is one of a kind.

The value of bespoke jewelry lies in its exclusivity, as we never reproduce the exact design for anyone else.

We work closely with you to create a piece that meets your preferences, including your budget and overall design aesthetic, to ensure you get the perfect piece.

Step 1: Consultation & Design Development

 Your Bespoke design begins with meaningful discussions. We delve into the depths of your vision, carefully listening to your desires and understanding the emotions you wish to embody in your design. Josanne, will skillfully guide you through this creative exploration. With our deep understanding of jewelry craftsmanship and our ability to translate emotions into exquisite designs, we will transform your aspirations into reality. After a series of communications about your design and about the person who will wear the piece, we then develop a few hand drawn, rough sketches, for you to choose from.

Then,we source
your gems/diamonds.

Each precious stone
is unique to the person we are designing for.

Our gemstones are sourced through various suppliers from around the globe, all of whom we have a trusted and long standing relationship with. When it comes to choosing your gemstones or diamonds, we like to give our clients the opportunity of choice based on budget .

josanne mark digital design

Our rough sketches
are transformed into digital drawings, using advanced computer aided design (CAD) technology.

Digital Drawing
josanne mark digital design RENDER.SIDE.
josanne mark digital design RENDER.TOP.j
Digital Renderings

The building of the model is a crucial step in turning the design concept into a reality.

Designing with CAD technology allows for absolute precision in the construction of the piece and the accuracy of the fit and layout of each diamond.

Step 2: Your Quotation

An accurate quotation can only be given after your consultation is completed i.e. when your CAD/ 3D design is finished and has been approved by you and your gems have been selected.  

Step 3: Manufacturing

3D printed wax model

A  wax model of your piece is 3D printed from the CAD we created. It is then cast in the metal of your choice, using eco-friendly sources.

After casting, we apply a pre-finishing polish to the metal, and the diamonds are each carefully set by hand, before a final polish is applied.

josanne mark custom made anniversary rin
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Bespoke, Custom-made, Customized:
What's the difference?

The term Bespoke refers to an item of jewelry that is created on the basis of a client’s specific request, unique design plan, purpose, time frame and budget. A bespoke design contains individual design details that are unique to the person it is being created for; as such, the exact piece will not be reproduced for someone else (except via the client's own request). All bespoke designs are essentially Custom-made ​(made to order for a particular customer) hence, the term is often used interchangably. 

Custom-made and Customized  designs do not meet the definition of bespoke as they are based on our standard range of designs that have, by request, been individually altered, for example, with rearranged features or unique gems creating a non-standard personalised item.

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Your piece was carefully designed and crafted to be a cherished heirloom that will be valued by many generations. We stand behind our workmanship. Complimentary to you, we will replace or repair any piece that is damaged due to manufacturing defects (e.g. prongs that need to be tightened etc.) for a period of one year from the purchase date.


Normal wear and tear, accidents and damages due to neglect, or abuse are not covered by our warranty and will be repaired at a cost to the customer. Warranty coverage is based upon our inspection and sole determination.


A Josanne Mark certificate document is available to our clients upon request.

What is it?

It is a document that states the Diamond carat weight, the type of diamond/s, type of metal used, along with an image of the piece, its replacement value, invoice information, name of client and additional details where necessary.

When is it used?

This certificate can be presented to your insurance company if you are seeking insurance coverage through a home owner or individual jewelry policy.

It is issued specifically for engagement rings, wedding bands or any other item of fine jewelry set with diamonds or stones.

Josanne Mark Certificate of Authenticity


Each Josanne Mark engagement ring/wedding band is packaged in a luxury wooden box (ready for you to pop the question) along with a complimentary polishing cloth and a mahogany authenticity card, which guarantees that your piece is an authentic Josanne Mark design.


The Josanne Mark brand is built upon values of integrity, sustainability, eco and social consciousness. Of all industries, the Mining Sector is responsible for some of the largest releases of toxic substances into our environment and some of the gravest abuse of human rights.

As part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we use fair-trade gemstones, conflict free diamonds and precious metals from ethical mine-free sources in our designs.


We purchase our diamonds strictly from suppliers who source stones through Kimberley Process Certification (KPC) approved channels and by offering our clients the option of lab grown diamonds.

What is KPC? In short, it is a process ensuring that diamonds are conflict-free. More information can be found on the website:

Another way we make good on our commitment to eco and social consciousness is by offering our customers the option of lab-grown diamonds.

What are Lab-grown

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